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Oxfordshire IT Support - the friendly face of IT

Digitalis is an Oxfordshire-based IT Consultancy which provides high-quality technical support to small-medium sized organisations quickly and efficiently. We can be your outsourced IT Department, mobile IT Department or just be the backup for your in-house IT Department.

Specialising in Microsoft systems, our MS-Certified operators, can troubleshoot any problems with your Windows Servers, SBS Servers and workstations.

We understand the importance of relationships and understanding a client's needs. We are quick to realise what it is that your business will need to keep running in an emergency (in many cases just email and file access) and we endeavour to keep those going in an emergency to tackle the problem later - significantly reducing downtime. In 9 years we have never lost a client.

Our outsourcing services open up a window of opportunity for your business to have a team of experts at its beck and call   - without the staff overheads. Reliable, experienced and innovative professionals from Digitalis can take on your IT needs, giving you the flexibility to tackle your other day-to-day challenges.

We offer a free network audit so we can advise you as to your current system and how it meets your current and future business needs.

Call Digitalis on: 01235 426226